Sen. Rose Advances Legislation to Support Ambulance Services in Clark County

Springfield, IL– When emergencies happen in rural areas, local responders can mean the difference between life and death. State Sen. Chapin Rose’s (R-Mahomet) has passed legislation to ensure that Clark County’s local ambulance service can continue to save lives when emergencies happen.

“This measure is crucial for Clark County to continue offering ambulance services for local residents,” stated Sen. Rose. “This bill was introduced at the request of both Clark County and the Marshall Fire Protection District, and I am pleased to support their initiative.”

Senate Bill 3402 formally transfers the ambulance portion of the Marshall Fire District to Clark County who is currently providing the service.

After a few modifications in the House, SB 3402 passed the Senate as the final action of the General Assembly with a vote of 59-0 on May 24th. The bill is now awaiting the signature of Governor Pritzker.  

Chapin Rose

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