Legislative session and leaders’ meeting scheduled

November 10 and 18 are two key dates that legislative observers will be watching closely as Illinoisans await a final resolution to the state’s ongoing budget impasse. Legislators return to the Capitol Nov. 10 for what would normally be a fall Veto Session, but the “continuous” session has produced a very abnormal working climate in Springfield. Senate Republicans continue their call for the state to enact a balanced budget and pass critical reforms needed to boost Illinois’ economy and create more jobs.

The spring legislative session yielded few vetoed pieces of legislation and as a result, most of the legislation has been acted on, with many of Gov. Rauner’s vetoes standing.

The Nov. 10 session will feature a handful of House of Representatives Committees and another full House Committee of the Whole, which will hear testimony from Illinois’ higher education stakeholders. The Senate is expected to take action on some legislation.

Meanwhile, the Governor is inviting the leaders of the four legislative caucuses to discuss the best way forward for Illinois, at a meeting Nov. 18.

Senate Republican members are hoping the Democrat legislative majorities will begin to negotiate in good faith, so progress can be made on reforms needed to right the state’s fiscal ship and move Illinois forward.

Chapin Rose

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