Farmers welcome rainfall

Multiple days of precipitation slowed
the harvesting of the last few remaining acres of corn and soybeans, though
most producers were grateful for the additional moisture.

According to the United States
Department of Agriculture, statewide precipitation averaged more than one inch
last week. The rain had an immediate impact on soil moisture, with 62 percent
of soil now rated as adequate or surplus moisture, compared to just 41 percent
the week before.

Central Illinois agricultural
producers will likely keep their “eyes on the sky” as 23 counties are trying to
emerge from a moderate drought and they hope area water tables are replenished.

Farmers continue to wrap up their
2015 harvest, with 93 percent of corn and bean acres now complete. During the
same time in 2014, 57 percent of corn and 59 percent of soybeans had been

farmers are now tilling fields and waiting for soil temperatures to drop before
applying fall nitrogen fertilizer. Across the state, soil temperatures ranged
from 45.6 in the north to 56.6 in the south.

Chapin Rose

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