Be alert: It’s deer season on Illinois roads

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, nearly half of all deer-vehicle crashes occur in October, November, and December.

Illinois drivers were involved in more than 15,300 crashes involving deer in 2014, including four fatalities and 570 human injuries.

The traffic-heavy counties of Cook and Madison led the state for the number of crashes, with 428 apiece. The counties with the most accidents after Cook and Madison are: Will (401 crashes); Sangamon (394); Fulton (350); Peoria (340); Lake (324); Kane (319); Rock Island (290) and Jackson (288).

IDOT offers the following tips to avoid deer collisions:

Reduce your speed near water, farm fields, and wooded areas; be prepared to stop.

Deer will often cross roads and double back; make sure deer have moved away from the road before proceeding.

If you see one deer, be aware that others may be close behind.

Alert other motorists to the presence of deer by tapping your brakes.

Don’t swerve into traffic or off the road if you see a deer; instead, slow to a stop.

Chapin Rose

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