Bills signed into law

Gov. Rauner took action on a number of bills during the week. A complete list is available on the Senate Action page of the Senate Republican Caucus Web site at

The following bills signed into law this week are sponsored by Republican Senators.

Medical Cannabis Corrections (HB 341): Provides immunity for correctional officers who in the course of their official duties prohibit or prevent the possession or use of marijuana by a cardholder.

Rental Housing Support Program (HB 1361): Requires that geographic distribution of funds for the Rental House Support Program shall come solely from its annual receipts.  IHDA must also perform reconciliations of all funds made in connection with the RHS program.

Property Tax Complaints (HB 2554): Provides complaints and other written correspondence concerning any property that is over-assessed or under-assessed sent via the United States Postal System will be considered filed as of the postmark date. If the United States mail is not used, the complaint or written correspondence will be considered filed as of the date sent according to the shipper’s tracking label. Further provides any complaint or written correspondence sent via email, if allowed by the board of review, will be considered filed as of the date received.

Insurance Modifier Rate (HB 2763): Provides that payment for services rendered by a registered surgical assistant shall be paid at the appropriate non-physician modifier rate if the payer would have made payment had the same services been provided by a physician.

Sentencing Policy Council Sunset (HB 3587): Extends the repeal date for the Sentencing Policy Advisory Council from December 31, 2015 to December 31, 2020.

Juries – Removal & Disability (HB 3704): Provides additional means of establishing a total and permanent disability for purposes of a prospective juror seeking a permanent exclusion from jury service (an individualized education program plan or proof of a guardianship).

Early Termination Fees for Electric Choice Customers (HB 3766) Caps the early termination fees for electric choice customers (i.e. ARES or Plug in Illinois) at $50 for homeowners/renters and $150 for commercial properties.  Applies only to future customers and contracts.  Natural gas customers are already protected from escalating early termination costs.

Human Trafficking Hotline (SB 43): Requires DHS to cooperate with IDOT to promote public awareness of the national human trafficking hotline.

Managed Care Translation/Interpretation Services (SB 1253): Requires managed care entities to develop a written language access policy to ensure language-appropriate services for populations with limited English proficiency—this includes translation of forms and documents; interpreter services; staff training; data tracking; notification on availability of services.

Human Trafficking Defense (SB 1588): Creates an affirmative defense for people charged with prostitution if they can prove that they engaged in prostitution as a result of human trafficking.

Discovery (HB 95): Provides that discovery, such as admissions of fact and of genuineness of documents, physical and mental examinations of parties and other persons, the taking of any depositions, and interrogatories shall be in accordance with rules.

Land Conveyance (HB 3241): Authorizes the Illinois Department of Transportation to convey certain land or release certain land from easement or other rights in Madison, Tazewell, and Whiteside Counties. Authorizes the Illinois Department of Transportation to convey certain land or release certain land from easement or other rights in Madison, Tazewell, Will, DuPage and Whiteside Counties.

Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishment Registration Act (HB 3375): Authorizes the Department of Public Health to establish and assess penalties or fines against any person who violates the Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishment Registration Act. Provides DPH may assess a late fee if the renewal application and renewal fee are not submitted on or before the registration expiration date. Provides that in no circumstance will any penalties or fines exceed $1,000 per day for each day the violation continues.

Uniform Interstate Family Support Act Updates (HB 3512): Updates the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act in accordance with the 2008 amendments recommended by the Uniform Law Commission.

Lekoteks (HB 4107): Repeals a provision in state law requiring DHS to enter into contracts for the establishment and continued support of resource, training and counseling centers, known as Lekoteks, for special-needs children. The Lekotek program has been eliminated and thus the rules governing this program should also be eliminated from state law.

Local Government Tech (SB 920): Clarifies whether locals can regulate wind farm sites where there is no zoning.

Temporary Stop Signs (SB 1388): Provides for the placement of temporary stop signs on state and local highways in instances when the permanent sign is missing or has been damaged. IDOT must make sure all temporary stop signs adhere to requirements in the State Manual and placed in a manner to provide adequate visibility and legibility, and they must be placed there for the amount of time recommended by the State Manual.

State Retirement Investment (SB 1761): Requires state retirement systems are required to divest all direct holdings of restricted companies. Creates an Illinois Investment Policy Board to develop a list of restricted companies, which includes those that boycott Israel.

Chapin Rose

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