Reform Illinois and End Budget Crisis

Reform Illinois and End Budget Crisis

Getting Illinois’ fiscal house in order goes hand-in-hand with making government more efficient and revitalizing the state’s economy, which is why Republican lawmakers support a set of basic, common-sense reforms.

Those reforms include: a property tax freeze; freezing property taxes and giving local governments the tools to operate in a less costly manner; eliminating costly business regulations that make it harder for employers to hire new workers and expand their businesses; and passing good government reforms that return control back to the people, such as taking politicians out of the process of drawing their own legislative districts and term limits.

Structural reforms and a responsible, constitutional state budget are directly linked because growing the economy, generating additional tax revenue and making government more efficient impacts the state’s ability to provide and pay for government services.

While the lack of a real budget is troubling for government operations and limits the ability to direct money to programs and services, many essential services are continuing as first reported last week. The public should be aware that:

·         Schools will start on time.

·         Illinois State Police will remain on duty.

·         Prisons will remain open—with prison guards on duty.

·         Illinois’ Emergency Management (disaster response) personnel will keep working.

·         A wide range of health and human services mandated by the federal government and federal courts will continue to operate.

·         Funding transfers to local governments will continue automatically.

·         If you are waiting for a refund from the Department of Revenue, that refund is still coming.

·         Retired state employee pensions and benefits will be paid, current State employee benefits will remain in place and salaries will eventually be paid when the budget is signed.

·         The State will pay its debt obligations.

Chapin Rose

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