Senate Passes Rose’s Legislation to Transfer Lawrenceville Armory to City

The historic Lawrenceville Armory would soon be transferred to the city of Lawrenceville under legislation filed by State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) and passed by the Illinois Senate.

“This building is an important part of the history of Lawrenceville, Lawrence County, as well as our state and country,” said Senator Rose. “This transfer will allow the city to protect and honor this important landmark, and the memories of the brave heroes who trained inside of it.”

The Illinois National Guard Armory in Lawrenceville was dedicated in October of 1939 and was closed in 2022 when the guard unit was transferred to Joliet as part of a consolidation process.

The building underwent major renovations over the previous 25 years, including asbestos abatement, HVAC upgrades, and replacement of the roof. Because of the historic nature of the structure, as well as its good condition, the city officials expressed interest in taking it over from the state.

Rose’s legislation, Senate Bill 1055, allows the Illinois National Guard to transfer the property to the city.

Lawrence County is a new part of the redrawn 51st Senate District which Rose began representing in January. Senator Rose made a commitment to honor the request of the Mayor and other local officials to work to work to get the property transferred to the City of Lawrenceville and this is the fulfillment of that commitment.

Senate Bill 1055 passed the Illinois Senate on March 24th, and now awaits action in the Illinois House.

Chapin Rose

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