Rose statement on end of session

State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) released the following statement after the Illinois Senate adjourned in the early morning hours of April 9th:

“The Democrats who control Springfield emptied out their bag of election year tricks- let’s start with tax breaks that expire, conveniently for them, after the election. But it’s what they didn’t do that is the real story. They aren’t providing permanent tax relief by eliminating the tax on food and drugs. They aren’t doubling the tax credit for property taxes. They aren’t even suspending the sales tax on gasoline to help working Illinoisians – all of which we proposed. Well, you’ve come to expect this from the tax-us-into-oblivion crowd that makes up JB Pritzker’s Democrat party.

“But what astounds me is that they didn’t do anything to actually put violent criminals behind bars. Yes, they joined us on our legislation to attract, train, equip, and retain police in this state. But when it came to actually keeping violent criminals behind bars, they were nowhere to be found.  What is the point of having more police, if violent criminals walk right back out the jailhouse door immediately after arrest?

“Bottom line: Republicans want permanent tax relief for Illinois families, and we want to put violent criminals behind bars and keep them there. Pritzker and his Democrats did the exact opposite. The people of Illinois aren’t stupid, they can see right through this.”

“There is a philosophical difference here. Democrats want to help you by spending your money for you. Republicans want to help you by giving you your money back.”

Chapin Rose

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