Rose sponsors legislation to provide relief at the pump

As gas prices continue to skyrocket out of control, State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) is sponsoring legislation to provide permanent tax relief to families at the pump.

“Gas prices are out of control,” said Rose. “While we can’t control what a barrel of oil sells for, we can stop politicians from trying to reap a windfall off of the prices spikes.”

The legislation, Senate Bill 4159, would cap the state’s sales tax on motor fuel at last year’s level – before the gas prices went through the roof. The plan could potentially save drivers $1 billion over the next fiscal year if gas prices reach $5.50 per gallon as many experts are predicting.

The legislation works by targeting the sales tax on gas, so critical infrastructure dollars for road repairs would not be affected.

“The government shouldn’t gouge you at the same time the price at the pump goes through the roof,” said Rose.

The legislation was filed on March 10th and has already received over a dozen cosponsors.

Chapin Rose

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