Rose statement on partial lifting of mask order

State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) released the following Governor JB Pritzker’s announcement that he would be partially lifting the statewide mask order:

“It is now abundantly clear that JB Pritzker’s ‘scientists’ are actually the Governor’s of NY, NJ, CT and California. What a joke. And now he is saying that kids in school are different than adults at the workplace – and all because he can’t keep his own bruised ego in check. Everyday more and more school districts, parents, and children are walking away from him in outright revolt!  How dare a parent make a decision in their own child’s best interest – not JB Pritzker’s political interest. But, boy, is he ever going to show them how smart he is – moving to punish all those who defy him. Well, I say, give it a rest man, get your ego in check, and realize what the ‘scientists,’ err, I mean the ‘Governors’ of NY, NJ, CT, and California have already figured out (oops, looks like the ‘cool kid’ group of governors apparently forgot to include you in the memo). Never mind that the rest of the country never punished children and their parents in the first place.”

Chapin Rose

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