Rose statement on Budget/State of the State address

State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) released the following Governor JB Pritzker’s combined State of the State and Budget Address: 

“The Governor’s budget increases spending by over $2.5 billion permanently – but only provides temporary tax relief to the people of Illinois – whose bills keep going up. His only tax relief proposal is an election-year gimmick – but the people of Illinois will be stuck with higher prices permanently. What’s worse, he’s once again using federal funds to try to make the state’s fiscal outlook appear solid and to prop up wasteful spending. Once the ‘Biden Bucks’ run out, it will be clear how irresponsible this budget really is, and the people of Illinois will wake up to one heck of a hangover – and their temporary tax relief, will have long since expired.” 

Chapin Rose

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