Rose statement on changes to Right of Conscience act

State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) released the following statement after the Illinois Senate passed legislation to reduce the protections provided by the Right of Conscience act:

“These protections have stood for decades through numerous Governors from both parties and multiple General Assemblies. Now however, we have a Governor who wants to reduce the protections afforded to the people of Illinois because individual citizens dared to disagree with him. Over 50,000 citizens stood up to the Governor by filing letters in opposition and he thumbed his nose at them. It would be nice if he would actually work with the members of the legislature and local officials for a change. I think he would find that we can make great strides together toward improving public safety without stripping individual liberty from the people we serve. But collaboration isn’t in his lexicon, he is a one-man show who bullies those who dare to disagree.”

Chapin Rose

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