New IT Department to increase efficiency, security

In an attempt to bring Illinois out of the 1970s and into the new millennium, Gov. Rauner recently signed an Executive Order creating the state’s new IT department, DoIT, as part of a strategic, statewide technology plan to “accelerate Illinois’ modernization” or AIM.

“Our state currently relies on IT systems that were built in 1974. It’s time to enter the modern era. In a world where information is power, we have to secure and modernize our IT systems to protect Illinoisans’ personal data from cyber-attacks, make state government more efficient, and save taxpayers money,” said Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno.

The new department will integrate and modernize the state’s more than 400 enterprise resource planning systems, of which 263 are dedicated solely to finances. These systems cost the state roughly $800 million a year, most of which is dedicated to maintaining equipment and systems developed in 1974.

While Illinois currently has the third highest IT operating costs in the nation, it is one of the lowest-ranked states for the quality of digital service. The creation of DoIT seeks to improve the state’s low productivity and outcomes, joining 29 other states that have integrated their IT structures. Not only will the consolidation effort reduce waste and increase efficiency in state government, it will improve consistency in cybersecurity efforts through greater centralization and monitoring.

The Department of Innovation and Technology, or DoIT, will be headed up by Hardik Bhatt.  Bhatt has more than five years of experience working with Cisco’s Internet of Everything as their local government expert before the Governor named him Illinois’ CIO back in August.

Chapin Rose

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