Governor focuses on transformation and reform in “State of the State”

Gov. Rauner laid out his agenda for 2016 during the “State of the State” address on Jan. 27.  During the 30-minute speech, the Governor was clear that despite an ongoing budget impasse, he isn’t standing still. He’s moving forward with a transformation agenda designed to make Illinois’ government more efficient and effective for Illinois residents.

Included in this transformation are proposals to reform Illinois’ pension system, education system, and criminal justice system, as well as initiatives to transform health and human service, Illinois IT systems, and spur economic development. The Governor says he’s focused on improving how Illinois operates at every level, and improving the lives of all Illinoisans.

Much of the speech focused on education reform, which the Governor called the key to rising family incomes, more high-paying jobs, and a higher quality of life for everyone in Illinois. Rauner committed to eliminating wasteful bureaucracy, and putting more money into the classroom.

Fundamental reforms designed to create economic opportunity and jobs for Illinois residents were also part of Rauner’s plan for the state. According to the Governor, Illinois has the ability to lead the nation in growth and opportunity, but it must address its workers compensation system, labor regulations, liability costs and high property taxes to make Illinois competitive again.

Rauner discussed the need to restore Illinoisans trust in state government, starting with term limits and redistricting reform. He noted that in his most recent State of the Union, President Obama had come out strongly in favor of both of these ideas.

Concluding his remarks, Rauner said, “We must break from the politics of the past and do what is right for the long term future of our state. I’m ready – and it’s my genuine hope that you are too.  Let’s continue this journey together.  Illinois can’t wait any longer.”

Chapin Rose

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