Budget blackout

consequences of the ongoing budget impasse continued to spread during the week,
with yet another vendor threatening to cut off services due to the state’s
inability to pay its bills on time.

Electric Cooperative Inc. located in the southern part of the state has issued
the state a final notice letter, saying disconnections will begin if the
company does not see payment by Dec. 1. Southwestern notes they are a
not-for-profit utility service and without payment from members, they cannot meet
their bill demands.

Their pleas for
payment echo those of City Water, Light, and Power (CWLP) of Springfield, which
is reportedly owed almost $3 million from the state. However, CWLP has not
indicated they will act upon their disconnection notices as of yet.

As more and
more vendors continue to cut ties with the state or threaten to cut off
services to state due to lack of payment, Senate Republicans continue their
call for passing a balanced budget tied with structural reforms needed to right
the state’s fiscal ship and move Illinois forward. 

Chapin Rose

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