Increasing student safety through concussion awareness

Concussions are a dangerous reality for many students, prompting passage of a new law requiring schools to develop policies and procedures to help young athletes and non-athletes in Illinois’ elementary, middle and high schools safely return to the classroom after suffering a concussion.

Senate Bill 7 establishes that before a student who suffered from a concussion can return to the classroom, they must be cleared by a doctor. Additionally, the new law will require school districts, based on their resources, to create a concussion oversight team consisting of coaches, trainers, and medical professionals, and require schools to create an emergency action plan in the case of a serious injury. 

The new law was pushed by lawmakers, many of whom had witnessed first-hand the impact head trauma can have on children. Students returning to school after suffering a head injury can have trouble focusing, memory problems and confusion, double vision and dizziness, headaches and nausea or vomiting, among other symptoms.

Chapin Rose

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