Bills signed into law

Gov. Rauner took action on a number of bills throughout the week. For a complete list, please visit the Senate Action page of the Senate Republican Caucus Web by clicking here.

The following bills signed into law during the week are sponsored by Republican Senators.

Scott’s Law Day (HB 246/PA 99-0146): Designates Dec. 23 of each year to be “Scott’s Law Day,” to honor public safety workers and serve as a remembrance to motorists to utilize safety when passing stopped emergency vehicles.
Update to Records Act (HB 362/PA 99-0147): Amends the State Records Act and the Local Records Act to update statute to reflect usage of “digital material.” Initiative of the Secretary of State (to address JCAR recommendations) to update the records statutes in respect to current technologies.
Dental Insurance (HB 2677/PA 99-0151): Allows dental insurance companies to enter into reinsurance contracts approved by the Department of Insurance.
DNR Land Vacation (HB 3622/PA 99-0156): If DNR feels it is in the best interest of the public to vacate any plat of subdivision, street, roadway, or driveway, the DNR may do so with approval from the Governor; land title is moved unless there is an easement or action instructing otherwise.
Information Release (HB 3909/PA 99-0159): Allows the Fire Marshal and the Department of Insurance to prohibit the release of certain information to insurance companies if it would endanger the life of physical safety of law enforcement personnel or any other person.
False 9-1-1 Call (HB 3988/PA 99-0160): Requires reimbursement where a person makes a false 911 call knowing there is no reasonable ground for making the call or transmission and further knows that the call or transmission could result in the emergency response of any public safety agency. Caps reimbursement at $10,000.
Hospice Medicine Transportation (SB 689/PA 99-0163): Clarifies that an advanced practice nurse, practical nurse, or registered nurse who provides hospice or home health services to a person may lawfully possess controlled substances prescribed for the patient when acting as an agent for the patient.
State’s Attorney Investigators (SB 1734/PA 99-0169): Allows State’s Attorneys to use their employee investigators for service of process and assess, and to collect the same fee for service of process that the Sheriff collects.
Road Funds (HB 182/PA 99-0171): Allows funds for township and road districts to come from other road district sources, but funds cannot exceed the amount that would be allocated under the motor fuel tax fund formula.
Advance Practice Nurses Prescriptions (HB 421/PA 99-0173): Lowers the requirements for a collaborative agreement between advanced practice nurses and physicians.  Allows advanced practice nurses to prescribe controlled substances.  Allows certified registered nurse anesthetists to deliver anesthesia services without a physician, dentist, or podiatrist being physically present.
Centralia Animal Disease Lab (HB 1744/PA 99-0175): Authorizes transfer of Centralia Animal Disease Laboratory to Kaskaskia College to be used for educational purposes.
Jurisdiction Involuntary Treatment (HB 2673/PA 99-0179): Gives the circuit court jurisdiction over all persons alleged to be in need of involuntary administration of psychotropic medication and electroconvulsive therapy, whether or not they are charged with a felony. The prohibition on filing involuntary commitment petitions regarding persons charged with a felony is retained.
Child Long-Term Care (HB 2755/PA 99-0180):  Moves the governance of long-term care facilities for individuals under age 22 from the ID/DD Community Care Act into the new MC/DD Act.
Equity Crowdfunding (HB 3429/PA 99-0182): Allows companies, particularly start-ups, to build capital by soliciting small amounts of money from many investors over the internet for the purchase and sale of securities. Investors may be accredited or non-accredited. Secretary of State is allowed to establish rules pertaining to issuance of securities, fees, and notice requirements. 
DuPage Fair and Exposition Authority (HB 3747/PA 99-0183): Eliminates the Fair and Exposition Authority in DuPage County that was established in 1999. It is a defunct organization that no longer serves any use.
Serial Number Modification (SB 1820/PA 99-0188): Provides for additional record keeping for all items purchased for resale or loan regardless of the source. All material purchased for resale or collateral must have an unmodified serial number.


Chapin Rose

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