Rose statement on passage of concealed-carry legislation

SPRINGFIELD, IL – As a long-time advocate of the Second Amendment, State Sen. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) offered the following comments on May 31, after the Illinois Senate passed one of the most favorable versions of concealed-carry legislation to date.

“Even with today’s legislation, the fight to protect the 2nd Amendment will go on, but the fact that this new concealed-carry bill is supported by the Illinois State Rifle Association underscores that this a definite step forward.  This legislation not only allows for carry for the first time in modern Illinois history, but it also prevents local communities from trampling on the state Constitution with excessive local regulations designed to stop law-abiding citizens from carrying – two significant steps in the ongoing fight to protect our Constitution,” said Senator Rose.

House Bill 183 passed with a vote of 45-12-1.

Chapin Rose

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