Rose’s Bill to Fix Ridiculous Rules for Prescription Pickup is Headed to the Governor  

Illinois is another step closer to ending an outdated practice that made it difficult, if not impossible, for many people to pick up their prescriptions. The Illinois General Assembly has now passed legislation filed by State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) that would end a ridiculous rule that required pharmacists to be present when people pick up their prescription, even if it was already filled, packaged, and signed off on by the licensed staff. 

“I think everyone at some point has gone to their drug store to pick up a prescription that they were told was ready, but they are turned away because the pharmacist is out and no one else in the store is allowed by law to make the sale,” said Rose. “This is a major issue for people who work nights shifts, have children, or simply have to work late.”

Because of the outdated rules and a statewide shortage of pharmacists, many pharmacies have cut back their hours, leaving many patients without access to their potentially life-saving medicines. This issue is especially problematic in rural areas.

Rose’s legislation, Senate Bill 1889, would allow cash register clerks and other store employees to go ahead and process the sale of prescriptions that have been filled, packaged, and sealed by pharmacists, even if the licensed staff is gone for the day. 

“This is about access to care for many people. Children shouldn’t go without life-saving insulin or asthma medicine because their parent had to work late, people shouldn’t go without their heart medicines, no one should be without their prescription because of arcane and arbitrary government red tape,” said Senator Rose.

Rose’s bill, Senate Bill 1889, has passed both the Illinois Senate and House, and now awaits action by the Governor.

Chapin Rose

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