Senator Rose Warns Taxpayers: October 17 Key Deadline for Tax Rebates

Pritzker’s Rebate Rollout Has Left Many Taxpayers Confused and Wondering
‘Where Is My Rebate?’

State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) is hearing from a lot of confused taxpayers about the State of Illinois Tax Rebate program. The confusion has been caused by the “rolling” deposits of rebates causing some taxpayers to wonder why their neighbors have received refunds, when they still haven’t. While the checks were supposed to begin to be issued the week of September 12th, now well into the middle of October, many are still waiting and wondering why they haven’t received a penny.

Of great concern, according to Sen. Rose, is that some taxpayers may unknowingly miss a key date to qualify for their rebate.

“I’ve heard from numerous constituents that their income and property tax rebates haven’t shown up. This may simply be because of the “rolling nature” of the deposits. It may also be because the taxpayer’s paperwork is not in order, in which case they only have until Monday October 17, 2022, to get their paperwork in, according to the Illinois Department of Revenue’s website,” said Sen. Rose.

As a reminder, under the program, taxpayers are potentially entitled to two different rebates: income tax and property tax.

Sen. Rose urges everyone to check: to find out if, and when, their tax rebates are scheduled to process.  If they are not already in process, then they should check: for general information on who qualifies and what paperwork is required to be submitted in order to get your rebate scheduled. 

“Because the ‘rolling deposits’ will extend past the October 17th deadline for paperwork, some taxpayers may not realize that their paperwork is not in order until after the deadline to submit it. Simply put: you may not know that your paperwork wasn’t in order, until after it is too late to do anything about it. This is why I’m trying to call attention to this critical date and encourage everyone who hasn’t already received their rebate to check the department’s website as soon as they can,” Sen. Rose continued.

To confuse things further, the Pritzker administration will be mailing paper checks to some of the eligible participants, while initiating direct deposits to others’ bank accounts.  Citizens are encouraged therefore, to watch their bank accounts – not just their mailboxes – for their rebates. 

“Only JB Pritzker could screw up something as simple as giving people their own money back! This whole process of these rebates has been far too confusing for far too many people,” said Senator Rose. “That said, I’m urging everyone to make sure they check these websites ASAP, to get every last penny of their own money back.”

Residents of the 51st Senate District can also reach out to our office if they need additional assistance at:”

Chapin Rose

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