Rose: Pritzker needs to immediately veto the partisan map

State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) released the following statement after Democrats rammed their legislative maps through on party-line votes:

“Illinois spent billions of dollars over the past year to make sure that we counted every person in the state through the census. And the supermajority Democrats just passed a map that didn’t even wait to get the census data to insure every last citizen of Illinois was counted. School funding, public safety funding, road repairs – all of it comes from the districts that are drawn. So why don’t they want to make sure that every school kid is counted? That local communities are safe? That our roads are repaired?  Because they are more worried about saving and protecting their own districts and to guarantee that their vice-like grip on this states continues – than they are about the actual people of Illinois!  They have walked away from the people of Illinois and refused to pass a FAIR map – using an independent commission, drawn by a computer – not a politician – a computer that doesn’t know where the incumbents live – making it impossible to protect themselves from the voters!”

“Now they’ve done just that, and their flawed, broken, partisan map lies at the feet of Governor JB Pritzker awaiting his signature. As a candidate, Pritzker promised the voters that he would veto a partisan map. Now is the time when the people of Illinois will find out whether he cares more about them, or if he only cares about protecting the power of his Democratic allies in the General Assembly who control Illinois. The choice is yours Governor.”


Chapin Rose

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