Rose Advances Legislation to Create Mahomet Aquifer Council

The future of one of the state’s most important sources of water could soon have a new organization tasked with guiding and protecting its future. State Sen. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) recently advanced legislation to create a permanent Mahomet Aquifer Council.

“A few years ago we were able to create the Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task Force (MAPTF), which did some amazing work that lead to several important pieces of legislation to protect our local drinking water.  But we can – and should – always strive to do better with respect to this wonderfully amazing local natural resource,” said Rose. “The Mahomet Aquifer Council will use the MAPTF’s work as a jumping off point to begin planning for the future protection of Illinois’ only sole source aquifer.”

Senate Bill 2515, filed by Rose, would create the new Mahomet Aquifer Council. The panel would contain members and representatives from a broad range of governmental organizations and stakeholders.

The members of the council would be tasked with reviewing, evaluating, and making recommendations regarding state laws, regulations, and procedures that relate to the Mahomet Aquifer along with the state’s efforts to implement this act that relate to the water quality of the Mahomet Aquifer. The council would make recommendations relating to actions that might be taken to ensure the long-term protection of the Mahomet Aquifer.

“This legislation will help protect this wonderful resource for future generations living and working in central Illinois,” Rose concluded.

Rose’s legislation passed the Senate’s State Government Committee on April 14th and now awaits approval by the full Senate.

Chapin Rose

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