Statement on mitigation measures for Region 6

Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) released the following statement regarding Illinois Governor JB Pritzker ordering mitigation measures for IDPH Region 6 :

“Today I was cut off by the Governor’s office on our conference call and not allowed to even ask a question about their decision on Region 6 mitigation.  So let me point out: that in seven months, the Governor’s office has absolutely failed to bring widespread testing availability to downstate Illinois.  As the University of Illinois proved, if you can rapidly test, interdict, and quarantine infected individuals, you can absolutely save lives.  But the fact is that testing just isn’t widely available to most of Region 6. And even for those lucky enough not to have to drive an hour each way to get tested, waiting 5-7 days for results doesn’t do much good either.  It’d be nice if he’d spend more time getting us the testing resources we need to knock this back, and less time having press conferences blaming others.”

Chapin Rose

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