Senator Rose recognized for his support of manufacturing jobs

State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) has again been recognized for his work in the Illinois Senate to protect and grow high-paying manufacturing and tech jobs.

“Illinois job creators seem to be under never-ending attacks that hurt businesses and destroy jobs, especially downstate jobs,” said Senator Rose. “While I am deeply honored to have been recognized for voting 100% in support of our manufacturers, I was stunned to learn that only 15 out of 59 Senators had an 80% or better rating, and most were at or below 30%, which says everything you need to know about why Illinois is in the fiscal shape that it is.”

“I realize that people are going to disagree from time to time, but to have so many more legislators below 30% speaks volumes. I would urge anyone reading this to see how their own legislator did by visiting this link:, and to contact them and thank for supporting local jobs or demand that they stand up for local employees and support job creation as the case may be.”

Senator Rose was one of only four Senators to receive a rating of 100 from the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA), an organization which represents manufacturers and their employees. The ratings are based on the voting records of lawmakers and their support for the sector and jobs in the Illinois General Assembly.

Chapin Rose

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