Rose amends Illinois MAP program after conversation with Millikin President

After discussing the importance of MAP grants with Millikin President Dr. Patrick White earlier this month at the Decatur Community Leaders Breakfast, State Sen. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) amended House Bill 5020 to ensure non-profit colleges, such as Millikin, would also be included in the new four-year Monetary Award Program (MAP) grants. 

House Bill 5020 previously included four-year MAP grants for only public universities. 

“Dr. White and I discussed the importance of making sure we keep as many students in Illinois, and our non-profit universities are a viable tool in combating the ‘brain-drain’ of far too many students attending college outside Illinois,” Rose said. “Non-profits like Millikin are as important as our four-year universities in ensuring we reverse the enrollment declines across the state and keep more people in Illinois to start their career.” 

House Bill 5020 expands MAP grant awards to public institutions and non-profits from annually to four years. Currently, students have to reapply every year for their MAP grants. 

“Those in admissions offices say this would be a ‘game-changer,’ allowing our state to compete equally with schools outside Illinois who are already offering four-year financial aid packages,” Rose said. “This directly targets the ‘brain-drain’ by leveling the playing field with out-of-state schools that are poaching Illinois’ best and brightest with four-year financial awards. This will also help make college more affordable for the middle class, and provide cost certainty to students and their families.” 

Local community colleges, such as Richland, are also included in the legislation.

Chapin Rose

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