Republican Senators push legislation prohibiting pay raise

Senate Republican lawmakers are pushing legislation prohibiting a pay raise for lawmakers, saying that as the General Assembly works toward a balanced budget, legislators need to lead by example. 

Under House Bill 5760, lawmakers would not receive their scheduled Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increase to their salary set for July 1. They would also not receive any increase in their per diem pay while working legislative session days in Springfield, and their mileage reimbursement rate would remain in check. 

Senate Republicans stressed that while it’s a small amount in the big picture, prohibiting a pay raise for lawmakers through a COLA and not allowing per diems and mileage reimbursement rates to increase is the right thing to do, especially considering Illinois’ dire financial situation. 

House Bill 5760 passed the House April 18 with an overwhelming majority and is now in the Senate. 

The legislation would also prohibit automatic raises to statewide constitutional officers, and State’s attorneys, among others.

Decades ago, a law was passed giving automatic annual cost-of-living raises every year to legislators.

Chapin Rose

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