Task Force hears testimony of sexual harassment

The Senate Task Force on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Awareness and Prevention met for a very sensitive matter that involves an open investigation on sexual harassment at a multinational company.

The Task Force heard firsthand testimony from private sector employees, including hospitality industry workers who were instrumental in passing Chicago’s “panic button” ordinance for hotel workers. In response to incidents of hotel employees being assaulted, groped, and propositioned while interacting with guests, the ordinance was passed to require hotels to provide panic buttons to all employees who work alone in guest rooms or other areas, and required hotel to develop, maintain and comply with a policy prohibiting sexual harassment.

The objective of the Task Force is to help ensure that every woman and man feels safe in their work environment—and comfortable filing complaints if their safety is violated. The members use testimony to analyze the issues and illegal activities workers face within the private and public sectors to determine what types of proposed changes and legislation will be needed to reduce and eliminate sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Chapin Rose

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