Human Trafficking Awareness

Right now, human trafficking is occurring across our state and our nation. During January, National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we must stand by survivors and commit to combating this modern-day slavery in Illinois.


However, we can’t stop there. If we are truly dedicated to eradicating human trafficking and saving lives, we must work to end this exploitation and abuse 365 days of the year. Raising awareness in our communities and training ourselves to recognize the signs are the first steps to helping end human trafficking in Illinois. 


In 2017, 100 cases of human trafficking in Illinois were reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. And think about the countless number of cases that went unreported. We have to recognize that no community or state, including Illinois, is immune to this form of modern-day slavery.


It is our obligation to stand with survivors and commit to combatting human trafficking in Illinois. But, it is not enough to bring light to this issue during the month of January alone. The fight to end these human rights violations must continue every day, and begins with you.


To educate yourself on possible signs of human trafficking or to find more information about reporting abuse, visit the following websites: Illinois Department of Children and Human Services or

U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


Chapin Rose

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