Thousands offer IDOT advice on rest areas

The Illinois Department of Transportation will now start to analyze nearly 4,500 surveys about the condition of rest areas in Illinois. From Oct. 11-Oct. 29, IDOT offered people the chance to answer a 20-question survey about rest areas, ranging from their thoughts on rest rooms, water fountains, playgrounds, how satisfied they are when they use the state’s rest areas, how important certain features are to them, among other topics.

IDOT says the survey will help the agency when they consider how to rehab or possibly close rest areas throughout the state. IDOT says that many of their rest areas have reached a point where now is the time to evaluate their future. A date has not been determined for when IDOT will announce what rest areas will be rehabbed or possibly closed.

Thirty rests areas throughout the state are maintained by IDOT, serving more than 36 million travelers every year. 

Chapin Rose

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