Veto session begins next week

Lawmakers will return to the State Capitol for the annual fall “veto session,” and are expected to either take up votes to override or accept a number of vetoes to legislation issued by Gov. Rauner.

Dozens of measures were vetoed by the Governor, covering a wide variety of issues, from the creation of a state-operated workers’ compensation insurance provider to a bill that would prohibit employers from requiring information about a job applicant’s previous salary, and an unfunded mandate requiring that cursive writing be taught in Illinois schools.

If three-fifths of the members in each chamber vote to override the veto, then the legislation becomes law. However, legislative action during veto session isn’t limited to vetoes, giving lawmakers an opportunity to act on other pressing issues prior to returning for the spring 2018 legislative session.

Legislators may also take action on a number of recently introduced or amended bills. Lawmakers could hear testimony or vote on a number of bills that would ban bump stocks for semi-automatic rifles, legislation introduced following the recent tragedy in Las Vegas. Another bill is designed to bring Illinois into compliance with FAA rules that require that all aviation fuel tax revenue is to be used for airport purposes. If Illinois is not in compliance by Dec. 8, 2018, the state could face expensive fines from the federal government.


Chapin Rose

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