Illinois Department of Insurance Issues Spring Travel Tips

Spring Break is a popular time for young adults to get away from the cold and travel to somewhere warmer. If you have a child traveling this spring, the Illinois Department of Insurance suggests you review their tips before your child leaves.

Be Prepared. Collect all pertinent insurance paperwork and make copies. Review your coverages and understand what is covered. Be sure to include your son or daughter in this review process.

Auto Insurance. If your child is borrowing your car, show him or her where they can find the insurance card. The Department of Insurance also suggests printing a copy of the accident checklist to keep in the car.

Health Insurance. Be sure your child has a health insurance ID card. Also, make sure they know the name of the insurance company and that they have a list of emergency phone numbers.

International Travel. If traveling outside the country, remember, auto and health insurance is not always readily accepted. Speak with your insurance agent or company to learn more about the extent of your coverage.

Group Travel. If your child is traveling in a group, make sure you provide someone in that group with emergency contacts and insurance information as well.

If you have questions about your insurance coverage, the Illinois Department of Insurance encourages you to contact them at or 866-445-5364.

Chapin Rose

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