Short-term budget deal status

When it became clear the spring legislative session would conclude without a balanced budget deal for the next fiscal year, Senate and House Republican Leaders joined the Governor in urging their Democrat counterparts to move forward with a fully-funded, short-term budget to keep state operations going and fund schools. Though Democrat leaders refused to negotiate a stopgap measure prior to the May 31 adjournment, rank-and-file Republicans and Democrats have continued working together within a legislative working group to try and settle on a short-term budget plan.

Republican legislators are trying to remain optimistic that a deal can be agreed upon by the end of the month and before the new fiscal year begins on July 1. A short-term budget becomes even more critical in light of recent comments from Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno, who said this week that it is unlikely there will be any movement on a full budget prior to the November elections. Radogno said she doesn’t expect the Democrats to agree to reform items or revenue increases that their respective constituencies might not like before heading to the polls in November.

Chapin Rose

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