Bi-partisan legislation that funds local governments, 911 centers heads to Senate

The House returned to Springfield this week and took up a number of pieces of legislation.

A product of compromise between Governor Rauner, Republicans and Democrats, Senate Bill 2039 appropriates funding to local governments, 911 call centers, lottery winners, Special Olympics, HIV/Aids Prevention, the state portion of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, police and fire training, veterans’ homes, and other programs.

The majority of the bill appropriates funding that is not part of the General Revenue Fund (GRF), including motor fuel tax distributions that go to local governments for purposes including snow plowing and road repair.

Most of the funding included in the bill comes from either federal sources or special state funds that are designed to fund specific programs. However, there are two line items that utilize GRF money, including $10 million to the Secretary of State to pay for electrical bills and maintenance at state buildings and $18 million to fund shelters for victims of domestic violence.

The Senate is expected to take up the measure when they return to Springfield on Dec. 7.

Chapin Rose

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