Budget impasse passes 100th day; Tribune weighs in

As Illinois passed its 100th day without a state budget, Gov. Bruce Rauner and House Speaker Michael Madigan restated bargaining positions that have proven to be major stumbling blocks in the unprecedented budget impasse.

Rauner and Senate Republican lawmakers say reforms are necessary to bolster Illinois’ economy, and drafting a budget without them won’t help the state’s long-term job creation prospects. On Oct. 7, the Governor was joined by Republican legislative leaders in encouraging legislative Democrats to compromise on government and business reforms so budget bargaining can resume in good faith.

However, the House Speaker once again stated he will not consider Republicansuggested reforms.

Rauner noted if Democrat legislative leaders will not compromise, they have the majority and the ability to pass a budget and the revenue to support their ongoing legacy of deficit spending. Republicans have stressed that they will not consider revenue increases without first adopting much-needed government reforms.

Tribune chides lawmakers

In an Oct. 5 editorial, the Chicago Tribune called on Democrat leaders to take responsibility for their role in the current budget impasse.

 “Yes, there are those who believe the freshman governor who inherited the state’s decades-long financial fiasco is to blame for today’s wreckage. As if it’s easy to cure addicted-to-risk-taking-and-high-spending gamblers.

They’ve given taxpayers no confidence that they’ll make a serious effort at passing a balanced budget even when they return. The supermajority Democrats in the House and Senate sent Rauner a budget in May, knowing it was wildly out of balance. Like their budget the year before. It was a game of chicken, cavalierly playing with the lives of those who rely on Springfield for help.”

Chapin Rose

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