Corn harvest ramping up

A large number of Illinois farmers are now finishing their harvest prep work or are already harvesting their corn this week. By the end of last of week, only 2 percent of the state corn crop had been harvested, but that number is expected to jump significantly over the current seven day period.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 43 percent of the Illinois corn crop is now rated as mature, another figure that is expected to jump substantially over the next week. The amount of mature corn is above the five-year average of 37 percent, though the 2 percent of acres harvested is actually behind the average of 6 percent.

The soybean harvest may begin soon in earnest as well, with 12 percent already dropping leaves, one of the last steps before harvest can begin, and just slightly ahead of the five year average of 10 percent.

Progress is happening with other crops as well, with 22 percent of the state sorghum crop now rated as mature, and the third cutting of hay is 88 percent complete.

Chapin Rose

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