Rose demands answers for gas prices spiking before July 4th weekend

State Sen. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) is asking Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to investigate what Rose believes may be price gauging by gas station companies right before the Fourth of July.

“Within 15 minutes today, two of three gas stations within a block of each other raised the price of a gallon of gas by 30 cents,” Rose said. “The price increase is ridiculous. I know of no gas line explosion, oil refinery accident, or international conflict that happened today that would merit an increase like this.

The only explanation I can come up with is gas stations are saying, ‘Hey, it’s July 4th weekend and people are traveling, so let’s jack up our prices.’

“I hope the Illinois Attorney General investigates for what appears to be price gauging so we can keep these gas companies honest and protect consumers.”

Sen. Rose encourages his constituents to reach out to the Attorney General’s Office if they see similar incidents by filing a consumer complaint. To do that, visit this website: They can also call the consumer fraud hotline numbers at 800-386-5438 (Chicago) or 800-243-0618 (Springfield).

Letter to Attorney General Madigan:

Dear Attorney General Madigan,


With the July 4th holiday upon us, today two of three gas stations, all within a block of each of other, raised their prices 29 cents per gallon higher than the third station. I personally watched the Casey’s gas station raise its price 29 cents to match that of the higher station.


I know of no gas line explosion, oil refinery accident, or international conflict that happened today that would merit such a sudden increase like this (particularly when the third station remained lower). My only assumption is gas stations are simply taking advantage of travelers for the July 4th holiday weekend.


Could you please investigate this matter? In a time when so many working families are keeping track of every penny in their budget, we must keep gas companies honest and protect consumers from unfair business practices.


I understand that price is driven by demand, but when BP kept their price substantially lower, such a steep increase right before one the busiest traveling weekends of the year, for no apparent reason, is highly suspicious.


The three stations in question are:


Mobil, 506 S Prairieview Road, Mahomet – first to raise its price.


Casey’s, 102 S. Prairieview Road, Mahomet –raised their prices to match Mobil.


BP, 603 S Prairieview Road, Mahomet – 29 cents cheaper than the other two.


I am enclosing pictures that I took of all three price signs.  The pictures were all taken within five minutes or less of each other.  I appreciate your time looking into this.




State Sen. Chapin Rose

51st Senate District

Chapin Rose

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