Papers: Rauner/Republicans on the right track

Editorial boards in Illinois have expressed concern for a wide variety of troubles facing Illinois, Chicago, and communities throughout the state. As the debate unfolds in Springfield, many have continued to call for a change from the status quo.

On Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune editorialized: “Their party [the Democrats] lost the governorship because the people of Illinois were fed up with the status quo. That hasn’t changed. The people want to fix how this sorry state does business.”

On Wednesday, an editorial in the Chicago Sun-Times said that “Rauner came into office vowing to “shake up” Springfield, which is why we endorsed him, and this is what a shake-up looks like. He is right to demand basic pro-business reforms before he will even talk about raising taxes to fill a budget hole of more than $3 billion. No sense putting good money after bad.

Chapin Rose

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