Senate action round-up

Action continued on the Senate floor and in committees this week as legislators consider various pieces of legislation before the scheduled May 31 adjournment. Following are several notable measures approved by Senate lawmakers this week, and you can find a full round-up of all the measures that passed in committees and on the Senate floor this week visit the Senate Action Page at the Senate GOP website.

Powell Brothers Memorial Highway (SJR 2): Renames U.S. 67 through Greene County as the Powell Brothers Memorial Highway.

Alternative Nicotine Ban (SB 32): Prohibits anyone under 18 from possessing alternative nicotine products (e-cigarettes). Adds “vapor products” to existing penalties for possession and sales of alternative nicotine products. Allows court to order a minor caught with an alternative nicotine product or a vapor product and his or her parents to attend a youth diversion program if available in the jurisdiction where the offender resides.

Property Owner Rights (SB 1726): Requires additional time and notices to be provided to landowners when a utility or telecom company proposes new lines, equipment or substations.  Applies only to future projects and does not place additional requirements on existing/planned projects.


Chapin Rose

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