Measure Aims to stop expansion of taxing bodies

State Senators Michael Connelly (R-Wheaton) and Dan Duffy (R-Lake Barrington) are leading the charge against the expansion of taxing bodies in Illinois.

House Bill 228 will prevent the General Assembly creating any new units of government or subdividing any existing ones. The bill’s sponsor said Illinois has units of government that focus solely on regulating things like mosquitos, tuberculosis, museums, hospitals, exposition halls, and airports.

Illinois leads the nation with 6,963-plus units of government, double the number of neighboring states Wisconsin and Missouri. Illinois’ other three neighbors – Kentucky, Indiana, and Iowa – combined have 1,000 less units of government. Illinois’ total is staggering when compared to California’s 4,425 and Texas’ 5,147, considering the relative size of the Land of Lincoln’s population.

House Bill 228 does not prevent two existing units of government from combining or eliminating and consolidating services into one taxing body.

Chapin Rose

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