Senator Rose blasts city of Chicago for their fiscal mismanagement after city insists it can’t be cut

Chicago, IL – State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) issued the following statement following an Appropriations Hearing in Chicago on March 9. 

“The City of Chicago says they can’t take any sort of cut when it comes to state funding. Like the state of Illinois, Chicago’s fiscal crisis is due to the lack of financial restraint at the hands of their Democratic leaders, who have for years spent more than what is coming in. 

“Chicago deserves no special treatment from Springfield. The path toward fiscal sanity for Chicago and the state is about making tough decisions.

“For the City of Chicago to somehow believe it should be immune from the effects of decades of financial mismanagement is preposterous.”

Rose issued this statement following testimony from Chicago’s Deputy Mayor who criticized proposed cuts at the Chicago based hearing on March 9.

Chapin Rose

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