New IDNR Director visits Wolf and Eagle Creek facilities

The new Director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), Wayne Rosenthal, toured the Wolf and Eagle Creek IDNR sites – including the now shuttered Eagle Creek resort facility at the invitation of State Sen. Chapin Rose.

“How refreshing that within a week of the new Director’s confirmation by the Illinois Senate, he took time to personally tour our local sites,” Rose said.  “For the last two years under Gov. Pat Quinn, we have asked politely, invited, cajoled, and even begged Quinn’s IDNR Director to come visit the area – but he could never find the time. What a difference a day and a new administration in the Governor’s office makes.”

More importantly, while the Quinn Administration stonewalled efforts to come up with a strategic plan for the resort area, under new leadership, the Department moved forward Feb. 20 on plans for an engineering assessment of the property.  This is the same assessment that had been promised to the local community as far back as last summer by the Quinn Administration. “Again, what a difference a day makes,” Rose said.

During the tour, Director Rosenthal also spoke with local mayors, county board chairs, and local economic development leaders about the economic importance of a healthy Eagle Creek to the local economy.  State Rep. Adam Brown and a representative from Congressman John Shimkus and U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk’s offices also attended to advocate for the local community.  An invitation was also sent to U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin’s office.

The engineering assessment has been released and is in a two-week review period before it can proceed.  Once under way, the process is estimated to take four to six months to complete.

Chapin Rose

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