Rose Praises Governor Rauner’s Trustee Selections

In response to Governor Bruce Rauner selecting Ramon Cepeda and Jill Smart on February 24, and the earlier reappointment of Ed McMillan, to serve on the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, State Senator Chapin Rose is calling Governor Rauner’s three selections “refreshing” and released the following statement:


“I applaud Governor Rauner for turning to alumni of the U of I in making these appointments,” Rose said. “These are high caliber people of accomplishment.  Most importantly, they all served and gave back to their alma mater prior to their appointment.  How refreshing is it to have a Governor that realizes the eminent talent that exists in the alumni of our university and a Governor that doesn’t look elsewhere for appointees.  It wasn’t too long ago that we had a Governor that appointed a trustee who had never even been to Urbana before their first meeting.  While that may have been the most egregious example of poor appointments, for over a decade previous Governors picked several trustees who had no connections to the U of I whatsoever before their appointment.  During his campaign, Governor Rauner pledged to look to the U of I Alumni Association for candidates to serve on the Board. He has honored that commitment – and how refreshing it is to have trustees who truly love the University, as demonstrated by their prior service to the institution.”


Both Cepeda and Smart currently serve on the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors.  Smart is the Secretary of the Board and Cepeda is an At Large Director.  McMillan was previously reappointed and is now Chair of the Board of Trustees – he previously volunteered and served the University of Illinois in numerous capacities.  More information about the Alumni board can be found here:


Chapin Rose

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