Governor Rauner ushers in optimism for change

A new sense of optimism radiated throughout the Prairie Capitol Convention Center on Jan. 12, when Governor Rauner became the first Republican governor in 12 years to be sworn into the state’s highest office.

After more than a decade of one-party-Democrat rule, Illinois may finally see bipartisanship restored in the legislative process with the gubernatorial changing of the guard. Governor Rauner has pledged his commitment to serving the people of Illinois by helping to reestablish a once-thriving economy.

In his Inaugural Address, Governor Rauner pointed out the journey to fiscal recovery will not be easy.  With a record high state employee pension deficit and the lowest credit rating in the nation, Governor Rauner stressed that tough decisions will have to be made to correct the years of fiscal mismanagement and poor decision-making that landed Illinois in economic crisis.

Joining Governor Rauner in the inaugural festivities, Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti (R) also took the oath of office, along with Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D), Secretary of State Jesse White (D), Comptroller-Designee Leslie Munger (R) and Treasurer Mike Frerichs (D).

Chapin Rose

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