Sen. Rose to introduce legislation to legalize fireworks in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD, IL – There is nothing more American than backyard barbeques, baseball and fireworks for the annual celebration of our nation’s birth, and State Sen. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) is hoping to attract the booming fireworks industry to Illinois, stop the loss of sale’s tax dollars to surrounding states, and create a few jobs in the process.  Sen. Rose, who has been working with legislative counterparts on the other side of the aisle, has created a framework for a bi-partisan fireworks package to be introduced in Illinois.

“This is the perfect example of how Illinois’ bad business climate has driven jobs out of Illinois and into our surrounding states – leaving our state’s budget worse off in the process,” Rose said. “Embracing liberty for our citizens by not criminalizing firework displays will help our state’s economy in the process.  A booming fireworks industry, pun intended, will help create jobs for Illinois.”

Rose estimated that Illinois is missing out on millions in potential sales tax revenues from the current criminalization of fireworks. The Senator’s discussions with other legislators would allocate firework revenues to three different causes that have suffered under Illinois’ abysmal budgets.  Revenues would be shared with local soil and water conservation districts, county-level agriculture extension offices, and rural fire departments and emergency medical services.

“Agriculture accounts for almost a quarter of the jobs in Illinois. Our local SWCD’s and extension offices are the ‘backbone’ of downstate agriculture – yet funding has suffered terribly in the last several years.  Further, rural fire and EMS services save lives every day in Illinois – with this legislation, we will help put more lifesaving equipment on the streets to protect our citizens,” Rose concluded.

Chapin Rose

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