Rose backs Richey’s changes to criminal law

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Two initiatives of the Moultrie County State’s Attorney’s Office are half-way through the legislative process, thanks to the sponsorship of State Sen. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet).

Senate Bills 3435 and 3547 will toughen penalties on those who assault children and also unsafe drivers.

“A lot of the bills that I submit are on behalf of local constituents,” Rose said. “The most rewarding part of being a citizen legislator is addressing those local concerns and advancing a constituent-focused agenda.”

Moultrie County State’s Attorney Jeremy Richey is the driving force behind the two bills and he spoke about SB 3435, which “ratchets up” the penalties on individuals who commit criminal aggravated assault of a child. “This bill is meant to protect our children. An act of assault on a youth is very traumatic and those kids may be scarred for life,” Richey said. “Offenders need to be sent a message that assault on a child will not be tolerated.”

Habitually-bad drivers who have had their licenses revoked due to a DUI but continue to drive would also see a penalty increase under the second measure, SB 3547. The bill would close a legal loop hole regarding drivers who are not eligible for a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID). SB 3547 has the support of the Illinois State’s Attorney’s Association. 

Both bills passed the Senate on April 1 and await action by the House of Representatives.

Chapin Rose

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