Rose and Barickman introduce legislation to tighten sex offender registry

SPRINGFIELD, IL – State Sens. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) and Jason Barickman (R-Bloomington)  have introduced legislation in the Illinois Senate to impose tougher penalties on sex offenders who fail to notify authorities when they lose work.

The legislation, prompted by a request from an assistant state’s attorney at the McLean County State’s Attorney’s office and a constituent from St. Joseph, would require registered sex offenders to report loss of employment to local law enforcement within three days. Similar requirements are in place for sex offenders who move to a new residence.

“A recent judicial opinion that ordered that sex offenders do not have to notify law enforcement when they lose their job,” Rose said. “This opinion has made our communities less safe. Therefore, we are introducing this bill to protect the children and citizens of Illinois from dangerous sexual predators.”

The bill is in response to a court decision finding that while a ‘change in employment’ was a reportable event under existing statute, a ‘loss of employment’ did not trigger the same reporting requirement.

“Keeping families safe from sexual predators is essential,” said Senator Barickman. “Knowing the whereabouts, employment situations, and residence of those who register as sex offenders is an important step forward for public safety.”

Senate Bill 2912 is awaiting action in the state Senate.

Chapin Rose

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