ISP approving concealed-carry instructors

As Illinois prepares to implement its new right-to-carry law for handgun owners, the Illinois State Police have begun the approval process for instructors and curricula.

Review of concealed-carry instructors underway

The Illinois State Police are beginning to roll out the state’s initial listing of approved concealed-carry instructors and as of Oct. 7, there were 959 accepted instructors. The list is likely to grow, as Illinois State Police (ISP) officials say there have been more than 1,000 applications submitted.

Approving instructors and training curricula are among the first steps needed in order to meet the expected demand for permits once the application process begins January 5.

ISP officials will publish a listing of all approved curriculum on September 30. The department will continue to update the listing for approved instructors in the coming days and weeks.

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Chapin Rose

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