Rose supports Department of Aging action to ‘Peace Meal’ disturbance

CHAMPAIGN, IL – State Sen. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) issued his support for the Illinois Department of Aging and their actions to get involved in the “Peace Meal” senior citizen nutrition delivery disturbance that was created by a recent change in provider.

Rose commented about an Illinois Department of Aging special review process,” After attending sessions in Clinton and Sullivan where, literally, hundreds of seniors and senior care support staff voiced concerns and spoke in opposition to the East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging decisions with respect to this matter, I asked the Department of Aging to conduct an outside, independent review of the situation,” Rose said. “Several other legislators also asked for intervention from the Department in addition to numerous members of the senior care community and complaints from those directly affiliated with program.”

Senator Rose also added, ” I appreciate the Department conducting its special investigation into this matter in response to these calls for an outside review. Having seen the lengthy report from this process, it is easy to understand why the Department is taking the action that it is.”

“With just a few weeks before the current vendor terminates its services on October 1st, it is important now that the ECIAAA put all of its efforts into making this work. This is no time for dilatory tactics – quite literally hundreds of senior citizens in east central are counting on this come October 1st…the stakes are too high, everyone must now support the Department of Aging’s decision,” Senator Rose concluded.

Chapin Rose

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