STEWARDSON, IL – The Stewardson Fire Department is proud to announce the award of two separate firefighting grants from the State of Illinois.  The department recently received an award of $21,500 through the Illinois State Fire Marshal Small Equipment Grant Program.  The funds received from this grant will be used to purchase ten new sets of structural firefighting protective gear for members of the department. 

The department also received an award of $19,500 from the Volunteer Fire Assistance Program which is a program funded through the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service and awarded by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  Funds from this grant will be used to purchase twenty new pagers and ten new portable radios for firefighters, as well as a new portable fire pump.  This grant is structured as a cost-share award, with the department purchasing the new equipment and the state reimbursing half of the purchase price.   

State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) who is a member of the Legislative Fire Caucus visited the Stewardson Fire Department on Friday, June 28th to congratulate the department on receipt of the grants.  “Rural fire and EMS is a mainstay of downstate Illinois.  Anything we can do to help people help their neighbors is a big deal.  When dealing with health, life and safety, this is your taxpayer dollars coming back to you” said Rose. 

Both of these grant awards will allow the department to continue to provide a critical community service.  New communications equipment and protective clothing will provide firefighters with increased resources during firefighting operations.  This will serve to create a safer and more efficient response for both firefighters and the citizens of the Stewardson Fire Protection District.

The Stewardson Fire Department, Ambulance Service, and First Responders are actively recruiting new members.  The Fire Department holds regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the fire station.  The public and anyone interested in joining the department are encouraged to stop by to visit and learn more about the department on any regular meeting night.

Chapin Rose

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