Rose statement on pension special session

SPRINGFIELD, IL – State Sen. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet) offered the following comments after the June 19, Special Session on pension funding reform. He spoke on the topic of the conference committee which will be formed by the General Assembly.

“It goes without saying that the Democratic supermajorities could have done this prior to May 31 and spared the taxpayers the expense of this special session.  Nonetheless, I do support the Governor’s call for a conference committee to settle this issue once and for all,” Rose said. “I do not believe that House Speaker Michael Madigan’s bill can pass Constitutional muster. On the other hand, Sen. President John Cullerton’s bill does not save as much money as the Speaker’s proposal.  At this point, I can envision a scenario that ultimately leads to both a constitutional bill and a fair bill, while increasing the savings for the taxpayers.  However, it remains to be seen – given the past inability of the Democratic supermajorities to get along – whether they can come to terms within their own party.”

Chapin Rose

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